Mountains & Rivers

Time seems to pause there and not pass too swiftly. You can hear nature breathing. No worries run through your mind because the beauty before your eyes fills your senses. It’s almost Heaven. The mountains and rivers sing a lullaby to calm you and the crisp air seeps in. Rock me to sweet sleep, softly … More Mountains & Rivers

Hey Pretty

Hey pretty girl Your eyes, they sparkle Like the ocean’s swirl From the moonlight’s angle   Hey pretty girl I’ve been hurt, it’s true But you’re a fresh pearl, Old soul with a child’s hue  

The Rarest Thing

Do you ever wonder what you’re here for? What you’re waiting for? Why life is rough? The truth is, we only get so much time to live our lives. Yet, it seems like society today is always waiting. Waiting for Friday, summer, vacation, bigger, and better things. We don’t know how to be content. We … More The Rarest Thing

Don’t Tell Me

I often think I have failed at life. What have I really done to make my life worth living? When someone says that they’re proud of me I can’t help but wonder why. Life as I knew it, is gone and I have nothing. Some have said I’ve changed. I feel Indifferent. I don’t care … More Don’t Tell Me

Got Standards?

Loyalty. What is it? Loyalty is hard to find. Trust is easy to lose. Is there such a word as respect these days? Most people believe in something but do not demonstrate it. Do as I say and not as I do. Tricks and treachery are the practice of fools, that don’t have brains enough … More Got Standards?